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Biography of C-Flava


Who are we? 

C-Flava: As four African-Canadian women we are no strangers to music and dance. We have performed at over 235 venues varying from Ghana Fest, Durham Caribbean Fest, Scarborough's Afro-Caribbean Festival, Me Day Fest, birthday parties, weddings, retirement parties and Afro Fest 2017 & 2018. Our sole purpose is to promote unity between the African and Caribbean community, because we are one. As a result we created C-Flava to show the diaspora community that money should not determine whether you can live out your dreams. Our inherent love for dance has sparked a natural chemistry between expression and movement. Through movement and rhythms C-flava demonstrates energetic routines that will encourage your spirit to join us in our celebration of freedom in expression. Not only do we have traditional elements to our choreography but we also showcase authenticity in every beat. Dance is the hidden language of the soul. C-Flava let your spirit be free!

You Need Some FLAVA, we got that & we can bring out your FLAVA !!